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I am known as Peacock because I design and proudly wear the largest wardrobe of custom tailored formal jackets to align with the themes of events. I celebrate my years of affiliation in support of the finest national organizations and their special events. The demand for a comprehensive and dynamic talent to bring the appropriate dignity and memorable live fun to enhance patron, donor, sponsor, and media event experience is so inspiring. I sincerely enjoy sharing my many years of global experiences in making events sensational.

"Peacock is not an auctioneer. His live energy makes him more of an ACTIONeer!"

- Peter Miniaci in Toronto

"Peacock , you're simply the best!"

- Sir Elton John in Las Vegas

"Energy and passion, you get my bid."

- George Clooney in Hollywood

"This Peacock adds sizzle."

- Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas

"Too much fun!"

- Drew Carey

"So why not?"

- Bono in NYC

"This Peacock exudes the natural elegance & electricity to light up a room."

- Anita Gray in CLE

"On point and great fun!"

- Mike Wolfe of American Pickers

"Our fundraiser realized record donations!"
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Peacock in Action

Fundraising live venditions and fund-a-need can actually be a highlight of your event by making it more of a fun and memorable show.

Photo by Joe Kleon

Master of Ceremonies

The most successful events know the value of having an experienced host to thread your well planned content and maintain a flow honoring production time constraints and schedules.

Photo by Joe Kleon

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