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Peacock Welcomes You

"I am known as Peacock because I design and proudly wear the largest wardrobe of custom tailored formal jackets to align with the themes of events. I celebrate my years of affiliation in support of the finest national organizations and their special events. The demand for a comprehensive and dynamic talent to bring the appropriate dignity and memorable live fun to enhance patron, donor, sponsor, and media event experience is so inspiring. I sincerely enjoy sharing my many years of global experiences in making events sensational."

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Direct line: 702-539-7963

Auction Design Services
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Peter Miniaci in Toronto: "Peacock is not an auctioneer. His live energy makes him more of an ACTIONeer!"

Sir Elton John in Las Vegas: "Peacock , you're simply the best!"

George Clooney in Hollywood: "Energy and passion, you get my bid."

Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas: "This Peacock adds sizzle."

Drew Carey: "Too much fun!"

Bono in NYC: "So why not?"

Anita Gray in CLE: "This Peacock exudes the natural elegance & electricity to light up a room."
Mike Wolfe of American Pickers: "On point and great fun!"