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FAQ & Terms

Q: Is a not-for-profit required to use a State Licensed Auctioneer?

A: No. A 501c3 not for profit is exempt and may use a celebrity talent for their event. "Fund-a-need", "Raise the paddle", "Give from the heart", etc. are all the solicitation of monetary donations and not an auction defined or regulated under State laws. I remain in full compliance with applicable State laws.


Q: What are the performance and service fees, and how are they determined?

A: Each performance and service fee is offered at a flat rate based upon the specific needs of each client. Fees are all inclusive with no extra taxes or hidden surcharges. Reasonable travel expenses will be added to the fee if applicable.


Q: What are the payment terms?

A: Performance services are prepaid. Once your services are determined and agreed upon, then a simple contract will be sent requesting a deposit of one half of the performance fee upon contract signature and return. The balance is due in full on or prior to the actual performance. Credit cards are accepted.


Q: What happens should my event be cancelled?

A: If notice of an event cancellation is received by the Peacock at least 7 days prior to the event date, then one half of the deposit will be returned. If the event proceeds but the performance is cancelled, then the deposit is forfeited.


Q. If I cancel this event, how long does it take the Peacock to refund my deposit if I cancel 7+ days in advance?

A. Any refund would be issued upon the written notice of cancellation.


Q: What happens if the Peacock is unable to perform?

A: In the unlikely event that the Peacock is unable to perform due to injury, extreme illness, or death every effort will be made to find alternative entertainment to your satisfaction in order to fulfill the agreement. Otherwise, a 100% refund will be made within 30 business days.


Q: Does Peacock attend any necessary planning meetings and rehearsals?

A: Absolutely. They are important!


Q: Is Peacock willing to participate in any event related media?

A: Media in all forms is valuable and I sincerely enjoy using my vast media skills to support your event and share your story.


Q: Does Peacock have full security and background clearance for secured locations?

A: Peacock has maintained the highest level of security clearance for meeting the most stringent requirements.


Q: Does Peacock provide client referrals for our consideration?

A: Certainly. Your request for my providing the quality performance assurances of similar events is both comforting and welcomed.


Q: What is the program known as "Peacock's Fund"?

A: Ten Percent from each performance fee is placed into a special fund for donation to a local charity of the Peacock's discretion.


Q: Is the Peacock an agency that merely sends talents to perform these services?

A: Absolutely not. The Peacock is an individual and sole private entertainment entity. I do it all.


Q: Does the Peacock provide other entertainers, staging, audio or lighting services?

A: No. There are numerous qualified agencies and service providers to support these event needs.


Q: Is the Peacock under any governmental appointment, affiliation or auspices?

A: Not in the least. The Peacock is totally self-appointed and self-anointed as an independent entity who endeavors to enhance event experiences in support of his passion for making events sensational!


Q: How do I address the Peacock?

A: In all communications it is preferred that you simply refer to Peacock as "Peacock".


Q: Does Peacock use the classic fast auctioneer chant?

A: The most important part of live donor support at an event is message clarity. Donations are not mere commodity auctions and the confusing traditional rapid auctioneer chant is never used. High speed improv comedy is always a welcome relief for donor encouragement.


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