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benefit auction services

Fundraising live venditions and fund-a-need can actually be a highlight of your event by making it more of a fun and memorable show. When savvy event planners grow beyond the traditional they realize greater success and sales. This Peacock is a show! Well beyond just the live portion of the event, I like to work in support of your entire event. I attend event planning meetings. I can be a themed arrival greeter, silent auction booster, live talent, make announcements and introductions, and do so much more to help your team deliver a smooth and well produced event. One Peacock can do it all at a considerable flat rate savings to greatly enhance your event bottom line.

My experience in the entertainment industry and live performance skills generate the energy to capture attention, higher sales, and high energy movement fund-a-need donations. I am experienced with the use of interactive mobile phone platforms via services like BidPal, QTegoGesture and GiveSmart. I enjoy fundraising events and seek new and creative ways to produce greater results. You deserve it.

Cleveland benefit auction services
benefit auction services
benefit auction services

These optional professional offerings can enhance your live experience:

  • Black pipe and drape system with mirror for backstage stage use.
  • Red two pocket cobbler aprons for silent, Chinese and raffle sales team.
  • Designing innovative donor and auction concepts.
  • Three styles of fun LED colored lanyards to identify auction floor spotters.
  • Custom donor tracking and log accounting forms.
  • Themed background audio production.
  • Large peacock feathers with thank you ribbon awarded to all auction winners.
  • Free auction donor item consultation and Zoom meetings.
benefit auction services

Imagine the possibilities of a custom themed elegant dinner jacket worn to augment every item! Your patrons will always marvel at the impressive live experience done like no other on the planet.

World's largest custom jacket collection
World's largest custom jacket collection

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